Autumn started a janitorial service the day after she graduated college. As a single mom, Autumn drew inspiration from her daughters and becoming a role model they could look up too.


As a janitor, Autumn saw poor cleaning practices across the industry from hospitals to schools. Regularly, she would see other janitors push dirty cotton loop mops rinsed in filthy water from the bathroom to kitchen and other commonly used spaces. She would see products used incorrectly, and worst of all, saw the damage of toxic products to people and environments firsthand.


A product that actually works, but isn’t toxic? Autumn was told no, she wasn’t a chemist. But the no’s only fueled her passion to change the world by creating a product that was both efficacious and safe for the people using it and the world around them.


Autumn and her team worked to develop SoRite®. The name of the product is derived from the primary active ingredient is Sodium Chlorite. The technology is patent pending and is an oxidizer, meaning it destroys the membranes of germs, however, is coupled with a phenomenal safety profile that rivals anything on the market.

SoRite DECON’s Parent Company

Aseptic Health

At Aseptic Health, we are educators and creators of safe cleaning practices, protocols and products in every industry worldwide. Headquartered in Nashville, TN, we are currently on a mission to revolutionize the way the world thinks about cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. Our motto is: New Clean. More Life. ® By providing new cleaning technologies that are safer we are helping people live longer.

Our interests lie in creating new and unique technologies that provide real solutions. Every future and current development carries Patents Pending.

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Aseptic Health originated as a disinfectant company with a mission to create a faster, yet safer solution to kill bacteria and viruses. Our decontamination journey began when First Responders and a Co-Op in California continuously approached us with the need for a solution to eradicate fentanyl. This sparked our curiosity, and we dedicated 2 years to R&D, finding a lab and testing the results to be confident that SoRite DECON will work in the field to eradicate fentanyl in 60 seconds.

Our commitment to providing safe and effective solutions for our customers is unwavering. We strive to continue to innovate and improve our products to meet the ever-changing needs of those on the front lines.

The SoRite DECON Team is currently working to also develop DECON Wipes, Bag-On-Valve Spray Cans and Drug Aid Kits (DAK) that will feature SoRite DECON and other critical items when facing an emergency in the field.